Do you ever struggle with your child's ANNOYING  behaviour?

  • Hitting
  • Siblings fighting
  • Picky eating
  • Tantrums
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Whining
  • Talking back
  • Rude words
  • etc, etc, etc......

Are you wanting Practical, Loving, Respectful, Effective SOLUTIONS?


 - not wanting to smack

 - not wanting to shame (you've seen that Bréne Brown TED talk!)

 - not wanting to shout all the time

 - not convinced about the Naughty Step

 - not feeling completely comfortable with star charts and praising too much

 - wanting to parent a bit differently to your parents

- You want to do what's best for your child's development

- You want to be a more gentle parent You want to more conscious of how you treat your child

- You want your child to grow up strong, independent, creative, confident, happy, sociable, self-directed, kind, etc, etc, etc

So What CAN You Do?

  • You can PLAY
  • You can LISTEN
  • You can say NO in a NURTURING way
  • You can help your children gain CONFIDENCE & build RESILIENCE
  • You can enable them to RELEASE STRESS
  • You can be RESPECTFUL
  • You can CHANGE THE WORLD one child at a time!


"My husband and I watched Annoying To Amazing and really loved it. It provides a new perspective from which to understand our children’s behaviour, and provides ways to respond to challenging behaviour in a way which nurtures our relationship and our children’s development. It seems uncanny that every time we watch a new video we are confronted soon after with the behaviour presented and have the opportunity to practice the approach. More often than not, we are able to see the meaning behind behaviours which once seemed exasperating and pointless, and using the simple yet powerful techniques provided are better able to support our children through challenges big and small. If only our own parents had known about it!

We highly recommend Annoying to Amazing to any parent, it is worth every cent!"

(Stephany, children aged 3 and 6)

Over 6 weeks you will:

  • Find out more about your brain and why you lose it and do things you vowed you never would (and end up sounding just like your mum!)
  • Discover simple techniques that can make the world of difference to those everyday challenging situations
  • Become more confident in handling tantrums, tears, aggression and sadness
  • Take away practical, tangible tactics that you can implement straight away
  • Be supported by fellow parents who are also struggling and wanting a respectful, loving way to be with their kids
  • Become less stressed by those everyday challenging situations we ALL face sometimes



"I loved your ANNOYING to AMAZING techniques and your video role plays to show them in action. Special Time has become really important to us. 

When I know I have a set time to really focus on the kids we all feel better.  

They behave better, and we have more fun!"

Stephanie Zito (kids aged 5 & 2) from CA, USA

Of COURSE we love our kids.  And we love hanging out with them..  But there are times when their behaviour just DRIVES US UP THE WALL!!

There we are, doing the utmost best we can to see that they have a lovely day, nutritious food to eat, clean(ish) clothes to wear, fun activities to do, friends to play with, and ALL THEY CAN DO IS COMPLAIN! Or WHINE.  Or LASH OUT.  Or have a TANTRUM.  Or just generally be ANNOYING and completely UNHELPFUL.


At times like those, it's really helpful to have practical things to remember and tangible strategies to implement.  And that's what you'll get on this course.

I'll also show you incredibly helpful, very do-able, ways to reduce your frustration and irritation around those annoying things that your child will inevitably do.

Honestly, this information is life-changing.  (It's changed mine and thousands of others around the world.)


Lots of weekly videos where I will share great information and practical strategies you can implement straight away

heart_15Videos where I role-play and show you step-by-step how to set limits lovingly, how to say no, and what to do when your child has the biggest tantrum.

heart_15Worksheets for you to delve into what's really going on for you so that YOU can come up with solutions that's right for your family, based on the information I'm sharing with you


Invitations to our live weekly Facebook Live chats.  This will be perfect opportunity to ask me any questions you have or for me to clarify aspects of the course.


Access to our exclusive private Facebook group - the PERFECT place to share exactly what's going on for you, seek ideas, chat with the other parents and myself, and support others


BONUS - Hand in Hand's 7 Listening to Children ebooklets:

 - How Children's Emotions Work

 - Special Time

 - Playlistening

 - Crying

 - Tantrums & Indignation

 - Healing Children's Fears

 - Reaching For Your Angry Child

"I really wanted to say how so very useful I found your ANNOYING to AMAZING course!

One of the early videos showed in real practical terms how to physically deal with a tantrum & this helped me & my family so much.

When the situation played out for me at home instead of feeling overwhelmed and irritated I was able to handle & welcome my daughter’s emotional outburst in a confident way, knowing that this was a welcome release! 

I loved the real life snap shots of when things go awry at home from Helena too, it makes me feel better knowing we all have the same challenges.

My husband loved listening to the Sound Cloud files on his commute to work so we could talk through the learnings. This really helped his enthusiasm levels!"

Sam (kids aged 7 & 2), Sydney, Australia

  • I know how hard it can be when your ideals don't match your reality - When you're wondering what on earth to do whilst your child is being difficult, uncooperative, aggressive and downright rude. 
  • I've experienced so much frustration, irritation and anger when simple tasks just take forever, if they happen at all. 
  • I've experienced sleep deprivation, embarrassing tantrums, mortifying meltdowns and difficulty in simply getting out of the house with some sanity intact. 
  • I know what it's like to juggle multiple children, work, household chores and desperately want to get away from it all - to not have any more responsibility, particularly for children who will NOT do what they're told! 
  • I’ve shouted, cried, wanted to give up and let someone else sort it all out

And I also know how amazing it is to:

  • set limits in a beautiful, playful, respectful, loving, nurturing way (this was a COMPLETE REVELATION to me)
  • feel confident in knowing exactly what to do when my child is lashing out, being unreasonable or having a meltdown
  • be playful when previously I thought I 'should' be serious and stern
  • see how play improves behaviour, brings more cooperation, reduces aggression and helps my children get along MUCH better

I'm incredibly grateful to have found a way that's loving, respectful, practical and effective.  

Now I want to share it with YOU! 

When I had my daughter 8 years ago I really thought I'd get this parenting-lark sorted.  Surely it couldn't be THAT hard?!

And it wasn't particularly (I'm a baby person!).  But when Emily was 8 months old, my blissful ignorant state was blown apart (I know, it sounds very dramatic) when I realised:

I didn't have a clue on how to set a limit

She was banging the wardrobe mirror doors with a wooden toy and I didn't know what I was supposed to do to make her stop.

- I tried distracting her and moving her away - but she moved straight back

-  I tried talking with her, telling her that I didn't want her to do it - but she looked straight in my eyes and carried on banging

- I considered reasoning with her some more, but realised there is only so much an 8 month old baby is going to understand

- I even contemplated lightly tapping the back of her hand so that she would learn not to do it again - but it seemed a bit heavy handed for the situation, and I knew I didn't want to choose that strategy as part of my approach.

So, what was I to do?!

Luckily, I discovered a beautiful, practical, amazing way of being with babies & kids.  I learned ways of helping Emily with limits, sleep, emotions and life in general.

Along the way I also learned about MY emotions, needs and ways to support myself.

It truly has been a life-changing experience.

I loved the approach so much that I have since trained with Hand in Hand to become a Parenting by Connection Instructor, and Marion Rose to become an Aware Parenting Instructor.

I LOVE helping parents transform their parenting challenges.  I run groups, give talks and consult one-on-one.

And I apply what I preach with my own children.  I refine, adapt and learn along the way.

Originally from England, I now live in Sydney's Northern Beaches with my hubby, Evan, Emily (8), George (2), some chooks and will soon have another dog if my daughter gets her way!

"I really loved the webinars and interaction with other parents, the feeling that you are not alone in your frustrations and flaws, and the incredibly useful and constructive tips that you would provide on the spot as we asked questions!

I love that you are an open book, as opposed to a 'parenting guru', revealing all your own struggles and real life situations with us, from which we learn SO much and feel so connected to you & other parents. It always helped me immensely, and I felt ready to return to my family afterwards with a renewed outlook on what could be causing certain behaviours and how to help them through those times.

A big thank you from me!"

Beck Fraser (kids aged 9 & 3) Sydney, Australia