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Welcome to Week 1 - the FUNdamentals! 

In this week we'll cover:

  • a brief overview of the history of how society has viewed and treated children
  • how we can view children now
  • what's going on in our children's brain
  • why Playful Discipline is so effective
  • specific games you can use for a variety of everyday parenting challenges
  • what's going on for you

Welcome to Week 2 - Empowering Emotions

In this week we'll cover:

  • why crying is so important
  • how you can best help your child when they are upset
  • Control Patterns - what they are and what we can do
  • working with your own emotions
  • why having a Parent Buddy is a game changer - what it is, why it's so brilliant and how to get one

Welcome to Week 3 - Nurturing No's

In this week we'll cover:

  • why limits are helpful for your child as well as you
  • how you can be with your child when they are having a massive meltdown
  • how to set limits lovingly, respectfully and effectively
  • dealing with tantrums in public
  • how to reduce misbehaviour when they are away from you
  • some mental chatter and concerns you may have about listening to your child in this way

Welcome to Week 4 - Pioneering Parenting

In this week we'll cover:

  • emotional projects - what they are and how to do them
  • how to bring all the elements together in key situations
  • how to deal with 'the real world'
  • how amazing we are to be pioneers with this beautiful way of being with our children!