8 weeks of intensive support for you & your family


- How to build your child's RESILIENCE
- What to do when your child has a TANTRUM
- How to reduce your child's ANXIETY
- How to SET LIMITS - effectively, lovingly & respectfully
- Ways to best respond to your child's CRYING
- Strategies to best manage your own EMOTIONS & REACTIONS

We start Monday 26 June!

"I really wanted to say how so very useful I found your ANNOYING to AMAZING course!

One of the early videos showed in real practical terms how to physically deal with a tantrum & this helped me & my family so much.

When the situation played out for me at home instead of feeling overwhelmed and irritated I was able to handle & welcome my daughter’s emotional outburst in a confident way, knowing that this was a welcome release!

I loved the real life snap shots of when things go awry at home from Helena too, it makes me feel better knowing we all have the same challenges.

My husband loved listening to the Sound Cloud files on his commute to work so we could talk through the learnings. This really helped his enthusiasm levels!"

Sam (kids aged 7 & 2), Sydney, Australia


  1. Pioneering Parenting
    what's going on in our kid's brains, what they really need, & why this approach is different to traditional methods.
  2. Playful Discipline
    why play is so effective and lots of great game ideas
  3. Encouraging Emotions
    why crying is healthy & necessary, and how to be with your kids when they are upset and having a tantrum
  4. Nurturing No's
    how to say no and set limits in loving, respectful and even fun ways.
  5. Supporting Ourselves & Partnering with our Partners over Parenting
    this is fundamental to everything!  We look at why we find things hard, what's going on for us, and I give you practical strategies to feel calmer and reduce shouting(!).
  6. Emotional Projects #1 - Aggressive Behaviour
    Hitting, swearing, spitting, sibling rivalry, sharing
  7. Emotional Projects #2 - Sleep & Everyday Activities 
    Bedtime, sleeping throughout the night, picky eating, teeth cleaning, getting dressed, household chores
  8. Emotional Projects #3 - Anxiety & Fears
    Separation anxiety, fear of monsters, medical procedures, dogs, school, introduction of a new baby


  • 2 x Facebook Lives each week - to cater for different time zones
  • 2 Group calls each throughout the 8 weeks.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk in-person in an intimate group of up to 6 parents and I.
  • Unlimited Facebook support from me and fellow parents in our Private Facebook Group.


  • Masterclasses accessible from day 1 so you can dive straight in to the key issue for you:
    - Sleep & bedtimes
    - Hitting
    - Sibling rivalry
    - Separation anxiety
  • Hand in Hand Parenting's Listening to Children 7 ebooklets

Practical, Respectful, Effective PARENTING SOLUTIONS

Book before Thursday 15 June for a one-off payment of just $147
& SAVE $50!
(full price $197)

OR you can choose 2 monthly payments of $75

OR 3 monthly payments of $51


"My husband and I watched ANNOYING To AMAZING and really loved it.

It provides a new perspective from which to understand our children’s behaviour, and provides ways to respond to challenging behaviour in a way which nurtures our relationship and our children’s development.

It seems uncanny that every time we watch a new video we are confronted soon after with the behaviour presented and have the opportunity to practice the approach. More often than not, we are able to see the meaning behind behaviours which once seemed exasperating and pointless, and using the simple yet powerful techniques provided are better able to support our children through challenges big and small.

If only our own parents had known about it!

We highly recommend ANNOYING to AMAZING to any parent, it is worth every cent!"

Stephany (kids aged 3 and 6) Sydney, Australia


and you will
- feel more CONFIDENT
- UNDERSTAND why your children are being annoying
- KNOW what to do in those challenging situations
- be more PLAYFUL
- have more FUN!


"I loved your ANNOYING to AMAZING techniques and your video role plays to show them in action. Special Time has become really important to us. 

When I know I have a set time to really focus on the kids we all feel better.  

They behave better, and we have more fun!"

Stephanie Zito (kids aged 5 & 2) from CA, USA

"I really loved the webinars and interaction with other parents, the feeling that you are not alone in your frustrations and flaws, and the incredibly useful and constructive tips that you would provide on the spot as we asked questions!

I love that you are an open book, as opposed to a 'parenting guru', revealing all your own struggles and real life situations with us, from which we learn SO much and feel so connected to you & other parents. It always helped me immensely, and I felt ready to return to my family afterwards with a renewed outlook on what could be causing certain behaviours and how to help them through those times.

A big thank you from me!"

Beck Fraser (kids aged 9 & 3) Sydney, Australia

Book before Thursday 15 June for a one-off payment of just $147
& SAVE $50!
(full price $197)

OR you can choose 2 monthly payments of $75

OR 3 monthly payments of $51

Want To Know Some MORE?!

  • q-iconWhat age children do you cover?

    1.5 – 9 year olds. (basically from whenever your child starts to have tantrums & big cries!)

  • q-iconWhen does it start & how long goes it go on for?

    Monday 26 June 2017. The course runs for 8 weeks and you will 2 extra weeks to go through everything.  So a total of 10 weeks access to the program.

  • q-iconWill you show me how to use the techniques you recommend?

    Yes!   I’ve role-played key scenarios for you for things like setting limits, handing aggression, listening to tears, saying no in a nurturing way, being with your child during a tantrum.

    AND I’ve got footage of me being with my son when he is having a tantrum & a cry, so you can see in real life too!

  • q-iconWhat training have you done to be able to teach this?

    I have trained with Hand in Hand Parenting to become a Parenting by Connection Instructor and I receive ongoing support from them. I have also trained with Marion Rose Ph.D. to become an Aware Parenting Instructor and I also receive ongoing mentorship from her.

  • q-iconHow experienced are you?

    I discovered Aware Parenting when my eldest child was 10 months old in 2009 and have been following this approach since then. My daughter is nearly 9 years old so I have been fully immersed in it for 78 years.  I have also followed this approach with my son from birth. I am a founding member of the Sydney Aware Parents Group which is 5 years old and I host groups at my house on a regular basis.  I have been teaching for over 3 years and I’ve also attended retreats and am part of the vibrant Aware Parenting / Parenting by Connection communities in Australia and internationally. So, in summary, yes – I am very experienced in every-day parenting challenge!

  • q-iconHow will the Group Calls work?

    I will schedule a series of group calls using Zoom web-conferencing technology (www.zoom.us), where you can participate via video.  These calls will have a max of 6 participants and you can book in to 2 of the calls throughout your time in the course.