Hitting, shouting, throwing, biting, pinching, snarling......

How do you feel when your child does any of these?

Angry?  Frustrated?  Worried?  Embarrassed?  Overwhelmed?

Chances are, a mixture of them all.

If so, you're in the right place!

It's so easy for your children's anger to ignite your own.

For you to lose it even though you vowed to be calm.

For you to despair at why they're behaving that way when you don't smack or model aggression at home.

To worry they're going to be horrendous when they're teenagers.

To want to give up because you just don't know what else to do.


But there ARE things you can do to turn aggressive behaviour around.

Join me for a FREE video series to:

  • Understand the root causes of aggressive behaviour
  • Learn why traditional discipline methods don't ultimately work
  • Discover the 2 main things your aggressive child really needs
  • Start to feel more confident in helping to transform your child's behaviour


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"I just wanted to say a huge, big, thank you.  The change in me as a parent has been positive and the change in my son has been amazing.  That amazing connection is such a gift and the best present I could give him so money very well spent.

Keep going and spreading the word for this beautiful way of parenting."  Rowena (son aged 6)

Who Am I?!

I'm Helena Mooney and I'm a Parenting Coach & Mum to 2 kids aged 10 & 4.


I know all too well how awful it is to have a child who hits.  The frustration, shame and worry that behaviour can cause in us.

And I also know how to turn things around so that aggression turns into connection.

I'm a Parenting by Connection Instructor and an Aware Parenting Instructor, so the approach I offer is respectful, loving, emotionally-aware, and highly effective.  It's also fun!